Changing the outlook of indolent lymphoma and CLL

We’re working on a bigger delta to chΔnge the outlook of Indolent Lymphoma and CLL

Understanding the science behind each PI3K isoform will help bring a new delta to PI3K inhibition.

PI3K in B-Cell Malignancies: An Overview

Indolent lymphoma, MZL, FL

Indolent lymphoma

CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Indolent lymphoma and CLL: epidemiology

Exploration of PI3K isoforms

Dive Deeper

Targeting multiple PI3K isoforms can activate a variety of immune cells, which may lead to excessive inflammation and autoimmunity or may affect other biological processes involved in glucose metabolism and cardiovascular function.16,17 Given the importance of the PI3K pathway in cancer, it is critical to understand the role of each PI3K isoform.17

There is a need to uncover better ways of optimizing PI3K inhibition for indolent lymphoma and CLL

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